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World Cup 2022

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There are many settings for organizing. Besides this you can decide whether there's a rate or not, meaning the teams' weight isn't equal. This takes effect not only on the champion's bet but also on the bets predicting the getting further of teams. Betting on outsiders could generate more suspense...

Extra game

Furthermore there is a optional extra game. This game includes bagsful of additional questions, partially really funny. You get a different amount of points according to which answer you choose. There's even the possibility to sum these poins up to the total points.


The Ranking is updated daily and is evaluated automaticly. Like this everyone can see how good one is and if one has to catch up and maybe change the placed bets. Maybe placing a bet at an underdog would do the trick...

Place a bet

Placing bets is very easy. There's also a overview of the bets so you can easily change bets.

Tree Bets

As a further extra you can place bets for the complete K.O. stage. This displays on beforehand, who has the best football knowledge. Placing bets in this tree is optional.

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